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Our goal is to preserve the equestrian lifestyle and our recreational trail system in keeping with the Fair Oaks Ranch city mission, “To maintain and enhance those quality of life factors which influenced the citizens to establish a residence within the City and to provide security, public safety, and police services for the maintenance of good order and the protection of personal and real property located within the City limits.”

Our members appreciate the rural feeling our city has to offer — the miles of multi-use trails and the beautiful creeks and meadows. Whether you own a horse, or love hiking or biking on our wonderful trails, our goal is to conserve and enhance them for you and generations to come.

Our main objectives include:

  • Preserving the equestrian heritage of Fair Oaks Ranch; maintaining its historical character, safeguarding the rural atmosphere of our City and the trail system that supports it as stated in our general plan.

  • Maintain horses as the foundation of this heritage, continuing to provide opportunities for people to experience the healthy psychological and physical effects of horses.

  • Establish an organization of members willing to contribute time, effort and money to conserve a way of life.

  • Through representatives of the FOR Equestrian Coalition, speak out to protect our Equestrian lifestyle.

We serve to protect and promote the interests of those who value equine ownership and activities as important aspects of our quality of life. We will work with our FORHA, City Council  and the Economic Development Council to further develop the equine-related community relationships. We need your interest, your help and your membership to accomplish these goals. If you share these objectives, of preserving an equestrian tradition and lifestyle, please join today.