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May 1st 2019 has 3 opening for Training

Accepting 3 Horses for Campaigning

I would love to work with you and your horse - please call or email me to get your horse started.



Develop your horse into a safe, responsive and willing partner with the minimum 16 week training program. This may be extended to suit your particular needs and the horse's learning pace/maturity. To successfully teach horses I need to work on horse time not our time. You will be advised of the feeding and care procedures. Updates of progress and physical condition of horse during training.  And at the end of the training period, we require a mandatory owner/rider lesson so that you can understand the training foundation that has been laid and what the horse is capable of. This lesson is like getting the license to a brand new sports car! The cost of the mandatory lesson is $140.  An evaluation of horse and riders is the starting point to a successful future with your horse.

Evaluation Fees



Training By The Week

The secret of the financial success of some horse trainers is that they fix a problem with the horse, but don’t fix the cause of the problem, which is usually the owner, or rider. At Diamond K Barrel Horses, I cure the problem with the horse and teach the owner or rider how to keep it from reoccurring. A trainer who won't let you watch him or her training your horse is not a trainer you want, either they have some secret that other trainers don't know or they may be using abusive training methods.